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Unpacking the Challenges of Existing Building Electrification

March 29, 1:30 - 2:20 pm




Emily Curley, Building Energy Performance Programs Manager, Montgomery County DEP

Chris Pendley, Senior Building Systems Engineer, Steven Winter Associates




Efficient electrification in existing buildings is a key strategy to reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency. However, electrifying existing buildings is not without its challenges. Learn about how electrification fits in to existing state and local Building Energy Performance Standards, where to start, and where you may be challenged in your electrification journey. 

Policies, technologies, and incentives are all colliding to push the building industry forward. Maryland, Montgomery County, and DC have adopted Building Energy Performance Standards that require buildings to meet long-term greenhouse gas reduction and energy performance targets. Building electrification is a crucial decarbonization and energy efficiency strategy.  


Electrifying existing buildings also requires planning and persistence to execute. Hear from engineering experts about the existing building electrification landscape, what to consider for electrifying your building, and key steps forward on your electrification journey.

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