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Thinking about lowering costs? Keep Pepco in mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses across Montgomery County to rethink how they work, reinvent themselves to stay operational, and show how resilient they can be.

As these local companies look to the future, saving money remains a top priority for them. That’s why Pepco offers a variety of programs designed to help businesses improve energy efficiency and make a positive impact on their bottom line.

Big Ideas for Small Businesses

Pepco makes it easy for small business customers that use an average of 60 kW or less per month to achieve their energy savings goals. Pepco provides a broad range of options, including pre-approved contractors, interest-free repayment plans—and a no-cost in-person or virtual consultation through our Quick Home Energy Check-ups. We also offer financial incentives that can cover up to 70% of total project costs.

Maximum Savings for Medium and Large Businesses

Every day, medium and large businesses across Maryland trust Pepco to help them get the most out of every dollar they spend on energy and see faster return on investment. If you’re a Pepco customer with one or more existing facilities, our financial incentives can help reduce up to 50% of total project costs for numerous energy efficiency upgrades—from prescriptive projects to lighting retrofits to custom work.

Here are additional ways you can boost your energy efficiency and save money.

Upgrades a la Carte

Little changes can make a big difference in your day-to-day operations. For instance, installing LED lighting and controls can cut your electricity usage by up to 90% compared to traditional lighting options, while also creating a more productive, inviting environment for employees and customers. With Pepco’s Business Instant Discounts Program, installing energy-saving products is a simple way to increase energy efficiency and see the savings add up quickly.

Make the Right Choices

Whether you decide to maintain your existing equipment or are planning to replace it, both options can be smart ideas for your business. By keeping your current equipment in good working order, you’ll realize operational savings and lower capital investments. Purchasing high-efficiency replacements can help you decrease energy costs. You’ll also be protected by manufacturer warranties and enjoy compatibility with the latest technologies and controls. Now that’s a win-win!

Get Fine-Tuned

Pepco's Building Tune-up program can help you reduce energy use, save money, and keep your existing equipment running at peak performance while extending its useful life. As a bonus, Pepco can show you how to implement innovative monitoring processes that alert you to energy-saving opportunities.

Keep Learning—and Improving

No matter the size of your business or the industry you work in, success requires you to have accurate, up-to-date information and knowledge. Transforming your business into a comfortable, energy-efficient environment is no different. Pepco’s nationally recognized training can give you the specialized, actionable information you need to create a more productive workplace.

Making energy efficiency a key part of your long-term growth plan is within reach. By taking advantage of Pepco’s energy efficiency programs, you’ll be better equipped to save money—and better prepared for whatever comes next.

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