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Overview of Green Building Certifications to Capture County Property Tax Credits

March 29, 1:30 - 2:20 pm




  • Kara Strong, Project Director, Sustainable Design Consulting, LLC

  • Christopher Davis, Senior Consultant, Building Performance, Sustainable Design Consulting, LLC




Are you interested in pursuing the Montgomery County Property Tax Credit but would like to understand the certification options? This session will provide an overview of all of the certification options recognized. Whether you’re renovating an existing building, or building a new one, we’ll help you understand which rating system is right for you.

The Montgomery County Property Tax Credit for Energy-Efficient Buildings rewards with bonus credits through achieving certain sustainability certifications. The approved rating systems support a variety of project types, from multi-family residential to commercial office buildings and beyond.  This presentation will review the range of options, their benefits and challenges, and how to determine which rating system is appropriate for different project types. 

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