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Layering Incentives to Pay for Your Project

March 29, 10:30-11:20 am




Chet Knaup, PE, LEED AP, BEM, President, Spectrum Energy LLC



Are you struggling to to develop projects in budget that encompass efficiency, sustainability, and improve your bottom line?  Are you feeling the impact of soaring energy rates and material costs?  If so, you should sit in on our session to unlock the keys to financially successful projects!

This session will cover two specific projects in Montgomery County: One new construction multi-family and one existing office building. This session will outline how to make energy efficiency financially viable and become the building block for all future projects. 

For the multi-family building, Spectrum was able to guide their client from design through construction, to obtain utility incentives, grants, property tax abatement and tax deductions.  On this $150 million project, Spectrum was able to obtain roughly $4 million in funding/cost reductions, which equates to 2.7% of total construction costs.


The existing building sample covers upgrades to a 200,000+ SF office building, which incorporated equipment and building controls.  Understanding the impact of each Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) and the requirement(s) of each eligible program is paramount to developing successful projects.  This session will cover how Spectrum helped deliver this project to provide a Return on Investment of less than 1 year.

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