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EV Charging at the Workplaces, Multifamily Buildings, and Retail Locations 

March 29, 2:30 - 3:20 pm




  • Brian Booher, Senior Planning Specialist for Zero Emissions Vehicles, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection

  • Andy Cabrera, President, Lightility

  • Brian Gillespie, Territory Sales Manager, Blink Charging 

  • Evan Petrack, Sustainability Associate, The Tower Companies

  • Sheryl Ponds, Founder/CEO, Dai Technologies Corporation




The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing rapidly, and this is an opportunity for property owners to upgrade workplaces, multifamily buildings, and retail locations with EV Charging. EV Charging provides valuable convenience for employees, residents, and customers. As EVs begin to make up a larger share of the cars on the road, on-site charging may become a necessary feature. 

This session explore different EV charging projects to understand differences in design choices and installation experiences. Hear from property owners and professional EV installers about the decisions they made, their experiences throughout the installation process, and how the charging equipment is used now. 

 Download slides: 



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