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Energy Management Tools for Commercial Buildings 

March 29, 10:30-11:20 am




Daniel Dalgo, Ph.D., CEM, CC-P, Energy Manager, Montgomery College




Managing utility data for a large organization can be tedious and overwhelming. Not having the right tools to process that data adds unnecessary challenges when reporting to leadership and can cause disruptions to the overall billing process. Finding effective and easy to use software to help you streamline your workflow will allow you to be more productive and proactive in analyzing and building performance portfolio and developing data-driven decisions to improve energy efficiency. 
This session will discuss the various energy management tools and data visualization software that can turn utility bills into actionable data for better performance. Energy Management professionals from Montgomery College will share their experience using software like EnergyCAP, Excel, PowerBI, and Tableau to alleviate demand, reduce cost, and dynamically present insights to leadership.

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