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Innovations in Energy Efficiency Surveys Pioneered by Capital Region Students

April 6, 1:15 to 2:15 pm


Approved for 1.0 general GBCI CE & 1.0 AIA LU



Abigail Stark, Student, Albert Einstein High School

Alison Trackman, Student

Daniel Crawford, Student, Lowell School

Elvy Engdahl, Student, Lowell School

Emma Clayton-Satterlund, Student, Lowell School

James Callhan, Director, Mobile Climate Science Labs

Luca Rinzel, Student, Lowell School

Lulu August, Student

Natalie Stapert, Teacher, McClean School

Noemi Milam, Stuent, Lowell School



Capital Region students have pioneered powerful, innovative techniques to perform energy efficiency surveys. The surveys produce dramatic, memorable images that engage and inspire diverse audiences: from non-experts to PhD electrical engineers.

These young people are from our communities.  The majority are young women, and people of color. They are actively contributing to climate action and energy efficiency in the Montgomery County and DC. Their work is already internationally recognized for leadership in climate action.


Locations have already been surveyed, and dramatic and beautiful images are being published.  These projects are now being made more energy efficient by the students:  Capitol Hill (US Capitol, Congressional Office Buildings, Library of Congress); Montgomery County buildings (commercial, libraries, government offices, high rises, etc.); Smithsonian Museums, National Gallery of Art.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion can be fostered via hands-on learning through energy efficiency.

  2. Learn about innovations that allow young people to participate and inspire others.

  3. Learn about tools for communicating energy efficiency opportunities with non-experts.

  4. Understand fast survey/audit techniques and how to engage the community.

  5. Understand how engaging students in energy surveys can open career pathways within the industry.


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