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Providing Hybrid Power Benefits to Commercial Buildings and Multifamily Affordable Housing

May 4, 10:30-11:30 am

Approved for 1.0 general GBCI CE and 1.0 AIA LU



Geoff Oxnam, CEO and Founder, American Microgrid Solutions

Eric Coffman, Director of Energy Programs, Maryland Energy Administration

Tom Deyo, Chief Executive Officer, Montgomery County Green Bank




Until recently, the solar and storage industries have largely passed on affordable multifamily housing applications as too much effort with too little return. However, development activity in this sector has begun to accelerate as property owners, managers and developers recognize the alignment that hybrid power systems have with their mission to serve vulnerable populations. More than just the traditional appeals of improved sustainability and increasingly favorable economics, hybrid power systems play an essential role in providing resilience. In this session, Geoff Oxnam of American Microgrid Solutions and Tom Deyo of the Montgomery County Green Bank will leverage their experience in both advanced energy and affordable housing to outline the keys to unlocking these benefits for Maryland’s multifamily market. We will review case studies not only in Maryland and DC, but also lessons learned from innovative efforts in other states. We will delve into some of the specific financial drivers for these projects and discuss finance tools that are being used to expand deployment.

Learning Objectives


  1. Understand what a hybrid power system is and explain its role in providing resilience in the housing sector

  2. Identify the basic components of a hybrid power system and discuss the impact of using these systems as part of the design and operation of affordable multifamily homes

  3. Identify and explain tools for affordable housing properties to finance and deploy hybrid power systems

  4. Identify lessons learned from multifamily projects utilizing hybrid power systems



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