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Commissioning - It Doesn't Build Your Building, But It Makes It Better

May 5, 12:45-1:45 pm

Approved for 1.0 general GBCI CEs and 1.0 AIA LU



Ben Burgoyne, Vice President, Director of Commissioning, Baumann Consulting




Most local jurisdictions require developers and owners to commission their projects. However, Cx is mostly seen as a nuisance and is therefore often focused more on the bureaucratic elements instead of the real value implementing a proper commissioning process provides. Owners and operators who embrace and actively participate in the Cx process and use the Cx authorities’ expertise end up with projects that more completely meet their needs and expectations within the schedule.


This presentation explains the approach and specifically what clients and project teams should be expecting during the design, construction and occupancy phases. Examples of effective client engagement will be integrated into this session.


Client engaged commissioning puts an emphasis on delivering systems that are fully functional at completion, not after several months of operation with increasingly unsatisfied occupants. These projects are characterized by teams focused on results and that are able to quickly resolve a wide range of issues as they arise in a collaborative manner.


The challenge of advocating for Cx is the widely held misunderstanding that Cx simply adds costs to your project and misconception that the more issues identified the better the Cx process. In reality a successfully implemented Cx process enables project teams to avoid issues before they arise, which results in savings of costs and time. Integrating commissioning into a project may not eliminate all issues, however it will establish the necessary framework to resolve issues in a timely manner.


The presentation is backed by real-world examples from projects in the United States and Europe and includes recent survey results on the costs and benefits of Commissioning.


Learning Objectives


  1. Learn how local building codes and standards are expanding the inclusion of commissioning on projects across the region.

  2. Understand how aiming for more than code-minimum building commissioning requirements provides greater value for each commissioning dollar spent.

  3. Understand how to better work with your commissioning authority to improve results and reduce the number of building project defects.

  4. Learn how prioritizing results enables project teams to deliver higher quality building projects.


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