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Charging Towards Battery Adoption - Knowlege is Power

May 6, 10:30-11:30 am

Approved for 1.0 general GBCI CE and 1.0 AIA LU



Regina Montlabano, Director, TRC Companies

Michael Maroney, Associate Director, TRC Companies




Battery storage is all the rage these days – from the budding electric vehicle market to the pairing with solar arrays, battery storage is becoming a mainstay in climate management conversations – and for good reason! While battery storage seems to be a relatively simple concept, shopping for products that are available on the market and figuring out how to make the system pencil out is more difficult than it seems due to its inherent flexibility. This session will aim to impart some basic knowledge on the key components of battery storage systems, including battery cells, inverters, thermal management, controls, and even their packaging which impacts product performance. The presentation will then explain the various applications of a battery storage system and how each use case can help the end user, utility, and/or regional transmission operator achieve resiliency while providing an economic benefit. Building on the basics of battery storage systems, we will present the project use cases to show how batteries can be used to for efficient grid operation and customer resiliency. Many of these use cases will be demonstrated through real project case studies that have been implemented through a virtual power plant arrangement. For each case study, we will share project economics, development hurdles, and lessons learned. The presentation will round out with a section on how to get started with energy storage, giving facility managers advice on how to incorporate the technology into their energy management capital improvement plans.

Learning Objectives


  1. Identify the components of a battery storage system and its application to buildings

  2. Explain how a battery storage system can be used for grid energy efficiency and resiliency

  3. Outline ways that facility managers can incorporate battery storage systems into their energy management capital improvement plans

  4. Identify lessons learned from completed and developing projects utilizing battery storage systems



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